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Welcome to Varat Enterprises! We utilize high-powered tools in laser-working, woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, and more to design and develop custom, high-quality pieces. We also offer a variety of services. Please explore our site to learn more, + reach out with any questions or custom inquiries! 

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  • Custom Project Consultation

    Please reach out with custom project requests and we will set up a brief consultation to better understand project goals + client needs!

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  • ASMBLY Makerspace

    ASMBLY is Austin's largest non-profit makerspace. With access to high powered tools, workshop space, and a supportive maker community, entrepreneurship + innovation thrive at ASMBLY. Varat Enterprises utilizes ASMBLY makerspace to design, produce, skill build, and offer classes.

    Check out ASMBLY Makerspace 

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This collection features all of our wood products, currently including unique, high... 

Wood Image Burns

Burn your favorite image into wood, creating a timeless piece for you...