Empowerment + autonomy through education in a Makerspace

Education in a makerspace fosters a learner-centered and active learning approach, empowering students to become creators, innovators, and problem-solvers. It prepares them for the demands of a rapidly changing world and equips them with the skills and mindset necessary for lifelong learning and success. 

Education Offerings

Asmbly Classes

Teaching classes at Asmbly Makerspace is one of the ways VE is able to educate the community on laser technology and other machines. Current classes offered by our instructor include Big Lasers (150 -200 watts), Small Lasers (50 - 100 watts), Engraving Round Materials w/ Rotary Tool, Sublimation Printing, + Vinyl Cutting.

Visit Asmbly Classes to see full class details + learn about other classes offered at the Makerspace!

Off-site Education 

Our experts go off-site and educate various teams, students, and staffs on personal, university, or company lasers. We educate on laser cutting, etching, design software, and more. 

Mentor Series

 Pair with an expert and get 1-on-1 instruction on a specific project request or area of interest. You will be guided through your project of choice and taught how to achieve a safe and efficient workflow. 



Welcome to my portfolio, a curated collection of my creative endeavors and professional achievements. Through an intentional blend of innovative design and creative functionality, I aim to complete each project strategically and efficiently. 

Laser Cut Wood Sculpture with LED's

This year I had a piece featured at SXSW Tulsa House! Check out my blog post for more info on this layered laser cut wood sculpture with LED's!

Tulsa House Blog Post

SXSW Tulsa House Bandana Wall Centerpiece

Austin Eastciders Custom Corn Hole Boards + Bags Set

We produced this custom corn hole board and bag set for Austin Eastciders' 10 Year Anniversary Party. Partnering with and supporting local Austin businesses is an important pillar of our work. Cheers to 10 years Austin Eastciders

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Austin Woman Magazine's Women's Way Business Awards

Austin Psych Fest Custom Signage

Austin Psych Festival celebrated their 15th Anniversary this year, and we developed custom sponsor logos and a custom image burn of the festival flyer for the event! 

Custom Signage
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